This easy, travel friendly meal starts with store bought spinach & cheese ravioli. To it I added roasted broccoli, sweet corn, savory bits of bacon, and found a balsamic to dress it with. Even surrounded by vegetables, who can say no to bacon?!

The second meal I put together was a Chipotle style bbq steak and roasted bell peppers over rice and black beans. I tossed the sliced steak in some salsa verde, and packed a cilantro dressing to top it with.

For my family of six (big eaters) I packed four single servings of each dish. I found these disposable containers at Walmart, 6 for $2.00!

I did not pack the meals in a cooler, and I did not worry about heating them up for lunch. Both meals held up very well, but the steak was everyones favorite!

I also made my famous banana & mini chocolate chip muffins…

Filled a couple ziploc bags with home popped popcorn (sea salt & pepper)…

And packed plenty of our favorite granola bars, trail mix, and easy to grab snacks. The oatmeal was for breakfast, just in case we wanted to sleep in instead of eating out!

Don’t forget to pack the forks, napkins, and wipes!

Thumbs up from Jude.

Teenager trying to hide behind a can of sparkling water.

Big blue eyes from Lucca…

A big bite for Ewen…

And an iphone photo of us in the parade!

Happy traveling friends!

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