August 2014, we broke ground!

Our property is about 6 acres, and a good portion of it is a hill which is separated from us by a year round running creek.

Lucca standing on our future driveway.

If I’m going to throw in a photo of Lucca, then of course I’ll add one of Ewen!

Can’t forget about Jude…

And these two handsome knuckleheads!

By the way Gaven is sooo much taller than Ryan now! At the moment Gaven is 6’3 and I can only imagine how much taller he is going to get!

The olive tree that will shade our front door for many years to come.

Our gorgeous foundation!

Because we built our home into a hill we needed to have a few retaining walls built. Strong and stunning!

The back of our home all framed up!

A crane carefully placing the beams for our roof.

Ewen checking out his new view…

Ryan enjoying a sunset from our future living room.

Where we are today!

This is the front of the house getting it’s first coat of stucco and the garage. Since the top of our garage is so visible from the front we decided to make it into a live roof.

My future kitchen….

The beams in our living room getting their first coat of stain…

And this handsome fella in the hallway.

Our projected move in date will be this summer! We are so excited for the next chapter of this journey to begin, and incredibly grateful for what it continues to teach us.

One Response to New House 2015

  1. Tiffany says:

    Congrats! Looks like it will be an amazing home!

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