Fathers day morning, and our first breakfast together overlooking the ocean from an awesome condo at the Kaanapali Alii.

When traveling with our boys, we will either rent a home or find a condo (or apartment) with a kitchen and laundry room. Doing laundry might not sound like an awesome vacation activity, but coming home with two weeks worth of dirty laundry is not a fun option either!

There is nothing like the Kaanapali beach!

The boys enjoyed 5 days full of boogie boarding…

Paddle boarding…

Body surfing…

And just plain goofing around together!

Poor Lucca, it’s tough to be the youngest!

Kaanapali is lined with several restaurants and resorts all within walking distance, but our favorite meal was enjoyed straight off the grill complements of Ryan!

Grilled chicken sandwich, a big green salad, and three different kinds of poke!

What else could you want?!

My favorite thing on Hawaii is the sunsets. I love that everyone completely stops, quiets down, and reverently watches the sun sink into the ocean every evening.

On our last night in Maui, Ewen requested to play a game of tennis after dinner.

No, we are not tennis players. We are however up to try anything, and we had a great time chasing the ball around the court!

The next morning we jumped on a plane, and after a quick flight we made over it to Oahu!

Part 2 of our vacation, and our friends are here!!

The North Shore of Oahu has a slow paced, easy going vibe. There is one resort on this side of the island (Turtle Bay), and a million food trucks boasting local, healthy, and homemade fare.

Crispy catch of the day, served with a mango sauce, quinoa and spicy kale.

A welcomed change from the french fries and burgers we enjoyed on Maui.

Can we please talk about North Shore shaved ice?!

Our favorite combination of flavors started with ice-cream on the bottom,  li hing mui (dried plum flavored) syrup, and then topped with condensed milk.

I know, right?!

If the first shaved ice wasn’t enough, we would just go back for seconds!

Totally not kidding.

When we weren’t scarfing down sweet shaved ice, we (mostly Ryan) enjoyed the best acai bowls on the North Shore.

Recipe coming soon!

The only photo of our renewal that I have to share (at the moment) is this quick iphone photo our friend Matt took of us after the ceremony.

Neither Ryan, the boys, or I expected to walk away so full of the holy spirit and joy that evening. Funny how that kind of thing just kind of happens when you least expect it to.

My sweet beach boy…

My handsome surfer dude…

(awesome photo bomb Jude!)

And my cute Hawaiian birthday boy!

Talk about a great 10th birthday!

The gate at the Oahu house that lead us to the gorgeous North Shore each day.

Thankfulness doesn’t even begin to describe the way I felt for such a blessed, magical family vacation!

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  1. Lora says:

    You writing is beautiful and eloquent. Congratulations on a summer of memories!

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