Ryan decided that he and Lucca would drive down early Thursday morning so they could watch a Giants game together.

Lucca had a blast and ate more junk food in those nine innings than he did all summer!

After the big boys and I met up with Ryan, we met his super hip cousin Stephanie for dinner at a super hip Mexican restaurant called Tacolicious.

The grapefruit margarita was delicious…

And the carnitas tacos were divine!

The next morning the boys and I were on our own for a few hours so we decided to hop on a street car and explore the city.

Naturally I decided to do a mini photo shoot of the boys while we were waiting for our ride…

Gaven, so tall!

Jude, so handsome!

Ewen, so sweet!

Lucca, so loved!

By the way, my older boys just love it when I ask them to smile for the camera when we are out and about, NOT!

We decided to head over to the wharf and check out the exploratorium.

We had the best afternoon there!

There was the fog bridge…

And so many exhibits to play with…

Learn about…

And discover with!

We worked up an appetite and walked over to the ferry building for lunch.

It was a sensory overload of beautiful produce…

Gourmet treats…

And delectable snacks. It can be hard to choose where to start!

We happily settled on a pretty tea house and shared a couple bowls of spicy noodles with beef…

And a few pork dumplings. Yum and yum.

We were up and ready early the next morning to hit Union Square to shop for school clothes!

In most cases four boys and school shopping do not mix. Unless those four boys inherited their fathers genes for shopping, then it’s a blast!


They all get into it! Even Lucca!

We shopped until we dropped, then we took a quick drive over the bay bridge…

To Sausalito where we waited in line for almost an hour to eat at a restaurant called Fish.

The incredibly fresh oysters…

Crispy fish and chips…

And dreamy fish tacos made this place worth the wait!

We drove home stuffed, happy, and excited to face this next (busy) season together!

5 Responses to San Francisco 2013

  1. erin says:

    Love all these photos and now all I want to do is go back to the Ferry Building (we went once during the Saturday Farmers Market and it was SO overwhelming!) Hope you enjoyed your (what seems like) quick summer with your boys!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you Erin. Our summer was fabulous and it did go by way to fast!

  3. Mom says:

    Awesome photography babe. Now I have a craving for the bay area and all the food/drink you guys had. I sure hope you got the recipe for the grapefruit margarita :)
    Gosh this year is moving along…yikes

  4. Melissa says:

    Thank you mom!! It’ll be Christmas before we know it!

  5. AmberLee says:

    what a getaway. loove your description of the perfect summer. and what great pics, and great boys! (who appreciate sea food? amazing.)

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