Aug 15

RV Trip 2011

Our first stop was to Great Grandpa and Grandmas house! We were greeted with a homemade stew, bread, salad and ice cream and pie for dessert. At 81 Grandma Sally is the ultimate hostess. I love washing dishes in her kitchen while listening to all of her stories. There is so much to learn from a woman like her.

We didn’t drive too far from the grandparents house when we came upon our first road side attraction, Trees of Mystery!

Lots of cool trees there and a gondola to take you to the top.

After we drove over the Oregon border it was time for lunch! Fish and chips was the thing to get in all of the coast towns.

First breakfast in the RV. I apologize now to our camping neighbors if we woke you up that morning with the smoke alarm I set off (a few times) because of that bacon. If the huge “RENT ME” sign printed on the RV didn’t scream rookie campers, I’m sure the smoke alarm at 7am confirmed it.

Stretching our legs when we reached Washington. Lunch, frisbee, and tons of grass to run in. We could not ask for anything more!

A beer would have been nice…

Ryan took the boys on a hike to a waterfall in Washington…

then they came across a field of “spit bugs”. See all those gross white things on the grass? There are bugs inside those.

I’m pretty sure the spit bugs trumped the waterfall that day.

The Sol Duc hot springs in the Olympic National park. They were hot, sulfuric, and very relaxing.

Everything a hot spring should be!

Every night was game night!

We played Farkle…

and Quiddler.

This was my favorite part of the trip!

The cards I got on our first round of Quiddler.

Cute huh?

Water going into the RV…

and other things coming out of the RV.

The Washington coast unlike the Oregon coast is a fairly desolate place. When we saw this cute little cafe on the highway I knew we had struck gold.

Let me introduce you to The Hungry Bear Cafe…

Baby bear’s breakfast.

Mama bears breakfast.

Daddy bear’s breakfast.

Yes those pancakes are on a plate, but you can barely see it because they are so stinkin big!

Let’s not forget pre-teen bear’s breakfast.

He was feeling a little defeated by those pancakes but he gave it a good try.

Hurray a hotel!!!

After 5 nights in the RV a hotel…

some frisbee on the beach…

and a movie was just what we needed.

Of course we had to watch RV!

A cream cheese, salmon, and capers omelet compliments of Ryan.

It was super yummy babe, thank you again.

On our way home we hit up the Tillamook cheese factory.

I’ll take a dozen of each thank you.

We also checked out the Tillamook airplane museum.

I thought the blimp hangar all of the planes were housed in was just as interesting as the planes themselves!

Our last meal on the coast.

A little pasta, a little salad, and a perfect ocean view. We were all happy campers that night.

What do you get when you go RV’ing for 7 days with 6 people and zero washing machines? About 200 loads of smokey, dirt, dirty laundry, that’s what!

It was totally worth it and this vacation was one for the books. I wonder what our next adventure will be!

5 Responses to RV Trip 2011

  1. Mabel says:

    A perfect vacation!

  2. Mom says:

    Great pictures, it all sounded great to us…let’s do it again with grandma, grandpa and Buk! 2 Weeks ;)

  3. Lucy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog recapping your great RV adventure! Totally brought back memories of childhood trips up the coast. What a great idea to take an RV… looks like you had a blast!

  4. Kim says:

    It’s so great to see pictures of your beautiful family!!! I know it’s a food blog, but I’m a sucker for family pics ;)

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