So how does a mother quickly get herself into festival mode before the plane hits the ground?

With a Bloody Mary of course, and let me tell ya Southwest knows how to make em!

I would go with the three day wrist band because you wont want to miss a thing!

What’s our secret to keeping the box-office running smoothly all day?

We start with lot’s of coffee …

… and breakfast burritos galore in the morning.

Plenty of cigarettes and change for the cash box…

P.S I did not touch a single cigarette because I think smoking is totally gross! Ok, maybe I had one…

And last but not least tons of free red bull provided by the super cute red bull girls.

All hands on deck when the Saturday afternoon rush hits!

Lunch time!

Eddy got a pulled pork BBQ sandwich with coleslaw…

I got some chili over tater tots…

And yes, it was as good as it looks!

Patti got a hot dog from Franks…

And Ryan got a little bit of everything.

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially Ryan’s appetite!

We even got to meet some famous people!

Ryan Gosling was there filming a movie…

I got to meet one of the guys from Turquoise Jeep…

And Patti got to meet David Liebe Hart from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show.

If you can’t tell Patti was just a tad bit excited to meet him!

Did you know that Troy (Donald Glover) from Community raps under the moniker “Childish Gambino”?

Well he does and he is super good! You should check him out.

What do you feed a hungry box-office crew after a long dusty day?

Wings from Hooters of course! They were actually very good and I see why they are known for their wings.

Mostly for their wings that is…

Wanna know what this is?

It’s milk, vanilla ice-cream, pancakes, butter, syrup, chocolate chips….

And it was the best stinkin milkshake I’ve ever had!

Here’s a sign you dont get to see everyday.

We end every year with one last meal together at Iron Works.

What’s on the menu there?

Just the most awesome bbq beef ribs you’ve ever had, brisket, and pulled pork sandwiches.

Don’t forget to grab a Lone Star and some wet naps!

A shot of the crew relaxing after a long successful weekend full of shows at the black stage, late nights at the Mohawk, and early mornings working the will call line.

Thanks for letting me tag along guys and see ya next year FunFunFun Fest!

11 Responses to FunFunFun Fest 2011

  1. Alex Burner says:

    Nice photo journalism! You really captured the spirit of our trip, I miss it already ; )

  2. Matt Goucher says:

    Looks like a blast, great job with the photos.

  3. Brandon Sitcler says:

    Reading this makes me want to go back tomorrow and start all over again!

  4. Mickie Vanni says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love you :)

  5. Lucy says:

    I love your updates. So fun.

  6. Melissa says:

    Thank you! This is one of my favorite weekends of the year! Can’t wait to do it again.

  7. Vanessa says:

    omg how did i miss that milkshake! this is so cute melissa. i’ve been having festival withdrawals all week.

  8. Vanessa says:

    oh and nice shot of the GOS!

  9. Melissa says:

    Haha! Thanks Vanessa! I felt pretty dorky taking pictures of him, but now I’m glad I did.:)

  10. Mom says:

    That looks like fun…thanks for sharing babe.

  11. Kim says:

    FUN!!! That looks like a great weekend :)

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