Almost every northern Californian has a few long drives to Disneyland under his or her belt.

Our drive was pretty smooth, until we hit 5:00pm, Friday night L.A. traffic…

But it was worth it because we were in the park bright and early on Saturday morning!

“What should we do first, what’s for lunch, should we get a fast pass, what ride should we go on now, is it too early for ice-cream?”

This trip was particularly awesome because Lucca was tall enough to ride everything!

Yes, we made him go on Tower of Terror. No, he did not enjoy it.

Our favorite land.

Space Mountain, Captain EO, Star Wars, we spent a good amount of time here!

Lunch time!

We polished off two buckets of ribs and chicken at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue!

I guess we worked up a pretty big appetite running from ride to ride all morning!

The next morning Ewen woke up to birthday presents!

While a trip to Disneyland was his big gift, we still wanted him to unwrap a few special things.

After riding a few rides and shopping…

It was time for a corn dog break!

Thumbs up indeed.

Up next for Thunder Mountain!

The boys playing in Tarzan’s tree house.

Like a moth to a flame.

After careful consideration, Ewen was fortunate enough to be chosen to go through the extremely challenging and dangerous Jedi training…

With the help from a Jedi, he and his classmates defeated Darth Maul!

The force was strong in these young padawans!

We had dinner at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean) for Ewen’s birthday dinner…

And we sang happy birthday to him under the lanterns of the dimly lit restaurant.

A quick photo of my happy, handsome, tired, Disney filled boys after the fireworks show.

I have a feeling that my family will never be too old to enjoy a weekend at Disneyland!

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