With the Mrs International Pageant and big move into our new home right around the corner, the question “Are you ready?’” is the first thing most folks have been asking me lately. My short answer, an excited “Yes!” The long reflective, thoughtful answer, “Is anyone ever really ready for a challenge or change?” I usually stick with the short answer, but the idea of being “ready” has me thinking. To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never been ready. I’ve been brave, willing, supported, and some what prepared. Never in my life have I ever been completely ready for whatever it is that I am about to experience. Thank goodness for that! Had I have been ready for all of the struggles and heart ache that go can into marriage, raising a family, starting a business, learning to forgive, or building a home, I might not have been brave enough to begin any of those journeys. I would have then missed out on all of the happiness, love, excitement, hope, determination, and joy that also comes with living a life unready. Had I waited for “ready” I might have missed an opportunity to experience something even greater, faith. Faith can be a tough because it isn’t about making sure everything works out the way I want. Faith is having confidence that things will happen the way they should. I trust that the next few weeks will unfold the way they have been intended, and my family and I will look back and say “Wow, I can’t believe how perfect everything worked out!” I’ll admit that I am definitely ready for that!

Other than trying to get ready, the boys and I have enjoyed our summer together so far. We sleep in, swim, ride bikes, walk the mall, and generally enjoy the day together. There have been the usual challenges; finding things for everyone to do together, breaking up small arguments, and keeping our meal schedule in sync with each other. The younger boys wake up earlier than the older boys, some want breakfast, some don’t, lunch can get lost in the busyness of the afternoon, and dinner happens when mom finally thinks of something to throw together! We are rarely ready to eat together, so I’ve had to come up with easy-peasy things to whip up. With kitchen space being tight in our temporary apartment, I have relied on grilling outside by the pool this season. After plenty of bbq chicken or brats, these grilled quesadillas have been a welcomed change. I love them because they come together in a snap, can be filled with a million different combinations of ingredients, and my boys are always ready to crowd around the table and eat when they come off the grill!