Throw two cups of blackberries into your blender.

If blackberries aren’t your thing any ripe fresh fruit will work!

Now add a small package of instant vanilla pudding…

…and 1 3/4 cups of cold milk.

That’s it, now blend away!

Place some small plastic cups into a baking dish and fill them halfway with your berry pudding mix.

If you have some cute popsicle molds go ahead and use them! I use to have some but somebody left the sticks outside. Then the dog ate them and that was the end of my cute popsicle mold days.

Now tightly cover your cups with plastic wrap.

You’ll see why in a second…

Now pop your sticks into the plastic. (I found mine at Michaels)

See? Now your sticks will stay up!

Put this all into your freezer for a few hours.

There you have it! Homemade berry pudding pops!

Ewen combed his hair and everything for this picture. He has got to be my sweetest guy.



  • 2 cups of fresh ripe fruit
  • 1 small package of vanilla pudding
  • 1 3/4 cups milk
  • small plastic cups
  • wooden sticks

5 Responses to Blackberry Pudding Pops

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooo, ooo! Kiwi + lemon pudding!!

  2. Mom says:

    Those blackberries look so beautiful, I’m sure that treat is healthy as well. As for our Ewan, he’s our handsome guy with or without his hair combed :)

  3. Melissa says:

    Thank you mom!!

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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