Let’s start with the cheese!

I decided to go with a triple cream brie…

And a nice mellow blue.

Both cheeses pair well with champagne and will please even the most timid cheese palate.

I love serving a sliced baguette with softer cheese. But if you decided to pick up a few harder cheeses plain water crackers or some flat bread is the way to go!

Now let’s add a few fun accompaniments; garlicky olives, tart apple slices, and some slightly spicy pepperoncinis.

And who can resist a few slices of  fancy schmancy salami?

Set your cheese platter out 30 minutes before your guest arrive and don’t forget to chill the bubbly!!

Cheers to a fantastic (and safe!) New Years Eve!

One Response to Antipasto Cheese Platter

  1. Brandon says:

    Yum, I have been obsessing over antipasto lately! I especially love the salami, pepperoncinis, and olives. The catering company where I work actually just catered a New Year’s Eve wedding, and the bride had us do antipasto salads… so good!

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