Monthly Archives: May 2015

Five years ago Ryan and I decided to build a home. True to form we began this huge life decision with more wide eyed excitement and spirit than understanding of just how much work was ahead of us. That sort of letting your heart go before your head mentality seemed to work for us in the past, so how hard could building a house be? Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you that we fell in love with this particular piece of property over a decade ago, and building our (hopefully) forever home has always been a dream of ours. We were lucky enough to purchase the property from a friend, and we are also fortunate to be surrounded by family that has experience building their own homes. Beyond that help this house has been built on a foundation of diligence, hard work, and faith from Ryan, the boys, and I. Before we were even able to dream of pouring a physical foundation for our home, we had to first build it metaphorically in our marriage and family. For me this house represents the recovery we fought so hard for and the redemption we experience daily. Did we have any clue that our house building journey and family recovery would coincide? Absolutely not, but that’s the kind of movement that happens when a person follows a dream heart first!

So back to that first question, how hard could building a house be? For us it has been hard enough in order to teach us the lessons we needed to learn, but not without the joy of victory afterwards!