Monthly Archives: September 2014

What if for an entire year you were given center stage to share your story and message with others? Would you fight for this chance, and jump in head first once it is officially yours? Would you get a little nervous, and pray that the Lord will continue to give you the wisdom and courage to speak? Would you be thankful for this opportunity and make every day, all 365 of them count? My answer? “Yes” to all of the above! Very recently I was lucky enough to be crowned Mrs. California International 2015 (Eeeeeek!!!). I was given a dozen roses, a crown, a banner, and an amazing opportunity to share my story and message of hope that I have experienced. I have mentioned before that my beautiful family has been through a lot. There has been pain, struggle, and nights full of tears. With our faith, and our families we chose to fight for hope. My very brave husband’s decade long battle with alcohol almost had it’s way with us, but because of hope we won (and continue to win) the battle. This year I want to be vulnerable and honest about what it took to reclaim our family. We’re not perfect, and I have a long (loooooong) way to go! My mission is to share what I have learned so far with the faith that it will help someone else hold on to hope. Without the hope for a different life, my family would not be where we are today.

This next year will be life changing for me, and I am so happy to share it all with you! Don’t worry, this girl still loves to eat so I won’t be jumping ship here! When the eyelashes, crown, and sparkly banner come off, I am still the same woman who loves taking care of her brood of boys with easy-peasy pasta concoctions!