Monthly Archives: April 2014

It would take more than a few paragraphs to describe how wonderful my weekend competing for Mrs. California was, so I’ll spare you every detail and just share the highlights!

No I did not win the crown, but I did place second runner up, (!!) won most photogenic, (!!!) and also won the swimsuit competition (!!!!!!). I was blown away by how far I have come since competing last year, but I still have some work to do. While I am much more comfortable on stage, I still need to learn how to let go and allow myself to tell my story. Understanding why I have this desire to put myself out there, on stage, with nowhere to hide, (in 5 inch heels) is the first step in that process. I’ve prayed about and asked myself this very question, and the answer finally hit me on the long drive home from Malibu, California.

I’ll keep you in loop as I become more confident in my journey, but for now allow me to dedicate these spicy, fried drumsticks to my fellow contestants. During competition weekend it’s hard to sleep or eat because of all of the adrenaline and excitement. Fortunately there is plenty of moral support, under eye concealer, and chit chat about what we’re going to indulge in after the pageant. My go-to guilty pleasure meal has always been fried chicken, and I love it even more when it’s a little spicy!

After months of clean eating, and kale salads, this fried chicken was the perfect reward for a job well done!

When people find out that I compete in pageants, I get one of two responses. The first (and most common) is usually, “Wow, that sounds like fun! What’s your talent?” (Thankfully Mrs. pageants do not require you to have a talent!)  The second response isn’t so positive, and usually consists of a raised eyebrow and maybe even a snarky comment.

I never take offense to the latter response. To be quite honest, I had no idea how much work and commitment went into pageants until I competed in my first one last year. If your only experience with pageants is what you see on TV, you would never know about the sacrifices, the determination, or the confidence it takes to get up stage and literally be judged.  It’s easy to only notice the hair and makeup, and assume that pageants are based on physical beauty alone. Trust me when I tell you, they are not!

My personal journey to the Mrs. California stage has be life changing to say the least. Aside from learning how to gracefully walk in heels, the biggest challenge I faced this year was the way in which I regarded myself. Physically I knew I could go through the motions, walk on stage and smile, but mentally I wasn’t sure if I could fill the heels of the Mrs. California title. I am proud to say that after a lot of work, and with the help from my faith, family, and coach I have overcome any self doubt. This April 13th I cannot wait to show my family, friends and the judges what this woman is really capable of!

It goes without saying that pageant prep also consists of super healthy eating! Kale has been my go-to super food with it’s dark green leaves packed with vitamin K, A, and C. It works in smoothies, juices, salads and my new favorite recipe, sautéed in fried rice! Just like having beauty and brains, it’s the perfect combination of healthy and delicious.

At the end of the day, when the makeup has been washed off and the gown put away, true beauty is when the inside is just as, (if not more) beautiful than the outside.