Monthly Archives: February 2014

Our weekday breakfast routine versus our weekend breakfast couldn’t be anymore different. Technically it’s same meal, but the similarities end there.

Weekend breakfasts are easy going, involving crispy bacon, something freshly baked, and eggs cooked to order, served with a kiss. During the week we roll out of bed, grumble good morning to each other, and quickly put together a bagel, toast, or a bowl of oatmeal. When our days are especially busy, I’ll surprise my boys and bring a little weekend comfort to our hectic weekday mornings with these baked egg muffins.

Stuffed with yummy weekend goodies like ham, cheese or potatoes, this easy, hot breakfast gets everyone fed and ready to start their fast paced day with a full tummy, and a smile!

If you do nothing, nothing will ever happen.

Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing exciting, nothing terrifying. Absolutely, positively nothing.

Do you have a something in mind? Something that you would like to do or carry out? Maybe you feel that you don’t have enough time, patience, money, knowledge, or resources to do whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish. My advice to counter that would be to take the closest step in the direction you are wanting to go. Running around the block can lead into running a marathon. Writing in your journal can turn into writing that novel. Reading a recipe might push you to host (and cook for!) your first dinner party and four measly strips of bacon can inspire a new favorite family dinner.

You don’t have to have it all figured out today, you just have take that first small (yet very BIG) step. To get somewhere, you need to start somewhere because doing nothing at all will always get you nowhere!