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Jan 24

Salad for One

When I was a working mom, finding time to squeeze a healthy, quick lunch into my busy afternoon at the salon was almost impossible. I never planned ahead (ie. bring lunch to work!) and by the time noon rolled around I could be found stuffing pizza into my face while trying to get ready for my next client! Since becoming a stay-at-home mom I try my hardest to have lunch at home. When it comes to In-N-Out burgers, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, or Freebirds burritos, I have absolutely zero willpower! It doesn’t help that these places surround the area where the bulk of my errands are ran. Because I am so easily tempted by french fries and refried beans, I try to keep my time spent around these places short! I also keep my pantry, fridge, and fruit bowl stocked with easy, fresh ingredients that can be quickly thrown into a lunch time salad.

To keep a potentially boring ol’ salad appetizing, I follow a few simple rules. First, my lunch salad needs to come together in 10 minutes or less! Anymore prep time than that and I’ll wind up wishing that I stopped for tacos instead! Second, these salads must contain something crunchy, savory, sweet, and substantial! This way all of my cravings are met, except for when I get a random lunch time cookie craving. I still haven’t figured out how to beat that one! Lastly, I don’t limit my salad dressing to just lemon juice! Olive oil, dijon, garlic, a little sour cream, anything goes as long as I can quickly shake my dressing up in a screw top jar!

To help make quick salad assembly easy for you, I put together a list of the ingredients I always have on hand! Lunch doesn’t have to be a forgotten afterthought or an indulgence in fast food. With a little preparation lunch time can easily become one of the loveliest parts of your day!

I’ve been looking forward to my 35th birthday since I turned 30. Not that I wanted to hurry up and fast forward through my early thirties! I just had a feeling that 35 would be the year when it would all start to make sense. When I could finally be totally comfortable with the girl I was and with the woman I am suppose to be. When I with assurance would start to recognize my strengths and begin to walk confidently in them. When I without question understand that the strength and love found in my family, friends, and faith is all I need in this world to make me beautifully whole.

Last but not least, when I without apology can share a casserole recipe with you! Here’s the deal, I’m really good at throwing an awesome casserole together. Call it a talent, a skill, or just a weird sense of knowing what combination of ingredients will taste good topped with cheese and baked together for 20 minutes! Whatever you want to call it, I’ve got it.  This brussels sprout casserole I made a few days ago, it’s a keeper. It has all of the qualities a casserole requires; a starch, a veggie, a sauce, and of course cheese! Add a little crispy bacon and my family was in casserole heaven! It’s not the most innovative or cook book worthy dish, but we loved it and I think you will too!

Happy New Years to you, and happy 35th birthday to me!