Monthly Archives: November 2013

My favorite Thanksgiving memory did not happen on turkey day itself, but a few days afterward. A handful of our friends had the brilliant idea to Christmas tree hunt in the woods instead of taking he usual trip to the Christmas tree lot. Unfortunately we were not talking about a tidy Christmas tree farm. Instead we ended up in the snow, up a hill, somewhere in Tahoe, trespassing with a chainsaw. Our friend Mark said it best when he declared that this could be the best idea that we’ve ever had, or the absolute worst.

None of us are huge fans of the snow, so of course none of came prepared with snow jackets, boots, or gloves. Two shivering hours later, Sarah (the most adventurous in our group) marched down the hill proudly dragging behind her a very wild looking Christmas tree. The rest of us were perfectly ok admitting defeat and heading home empty handed.  Thankfully the whole day wasn’t a bust! Earlier, before our group headed out Sarah’s mother-in-law filled our bellies with bowls of her homemade day-after-thanksgiving-soup for lunch. We all thoroughly enjoyed a few bowls of golden turkey broth full of stuffing, veggies, and of course turkey. So even though our Christmas tree adventure (disaster) didn’t turn into a tradition, this Thanksgiving leftover soup did!

On your marks… Get set… GO!

Does anybody else feel like they are in a race the moment Halloween decorations are put away and Thanksgiving recipes and Christmas lights appear.

How should we cook the turkey this year? Traditional cranberry sauce or a chutney? Apple pie, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, ice cream, or all of the above? Should we try caroling this year? A real tree or artificial? White lights or colored? Twinkling or still? A fun family getaway or gifts?

The questions are endless but unfortunately our time spent in this season meant for family and togetherness is not.  This holiday I’m going to try my hardest to not sweat the small stuff. I will appreciate my own quirky, simple decorations instead of feeling insecure over the perfect works of crafty art I see online. I will pick quality time with my family and friends over stressing and planning. Instead of busyness I will do my best to fill our holiday season with the important things; family movie nights, hot chocolate, cozy socks, flannel sheets and enjoying warm buttered cinnamon raisin bread by a crackling fire.