Monthly Archives: September 2013

Have you ever had an idea that was too ridiculous for words, but for some reason you just couldn’t keep quiet about it?

You know, like that one time when you wanted to run a marathon, start a business, get married, have a baby, write a book. It’s not like you asked for this crazy idea to pop into your head (or maybe you did). It just kind-of happened. You simply woke up one morning and there it was, handing you a cup of coffee and wondering when you were going to have the guts to get up and get started. I currently have a silly/fun idea brewing and while I am not ready to totally let the cat out of the bag, I’m having a hard time keeping a lid on it. I will tell you that it involves food, kids, and writing. A few of my favorite things!

Before I say too much let me tell you about this Italian mac and cheese! It’s a great idea just waiting to be served for dinner! It’s full of penne, parmesan and Italian sausage. A few more of my favorite things! Like most good ideas, this recipe has a shelf life so don’t wait too long to get started on this mac and cheese. Or that new idea, new job, or new adventure!

I have no problem throwing together simple, nutritious, and delicious meals for my family almost every night of the week. If someone is unhappy (and somebody usually is) with the menu that evening, I offer whatever they would like out of the fruit bowl for dinner instead. My favorite saying when it comes to meal time, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” This also works, sometimes.

Need help putting together a tasty, beautiful, and seasonal menu for a dinner party? I’m your girl! Just give me an hour with a few of my favorite food magazines, food blogs, a pencil, and a note pad. Mapping out party cocktails to mouthwatering mains, along with a shopping and cooking schedule is probably one of my favorite things to do! Can you say type “A”?

Just had a baby? I’ll be at your door with an overflowing dish of comfort food, garlic bread, and a bottle of champaign! Works every time.

Figuring out what to bring to a potluck, this whole situation stumps me every time!! Questions like: Are there any food allergies I need to be aware of? Is there a theme? What is everybody else bringing?, end up clouding my food judgment. I’ll wind up over thinking it and bringing something that is way too complicated, (table side bananas foster, anyone?). Or overwhelming myself and wind up bringing something a little too simple. Everybody likes steamed white rice, right?!

Then I made these roasted parmesan potatoes and my potluck woes were over! These potatoes are great for a crowd, quick to throw together, easily identifiable among a table full of mysterious casseroles, and of course they are topped with cheese! Make sure to save a bit of these golden, crispy potatoes for yourself before they hit the buffet line. Chances are they’ll be the first thing to go, unless they’re sitting next to a Jello salad of course. Who can resist Jello studded with fruit and mini marshmallows?!