Monthly Archives: August 2013

One would assume that my daily life would be calmer and quieter the moment my boys are back in school. On some levels this is true; fewer arguments between my 5 and 13 year old to break up, and less messes to clean up through out the day. The reality is my schedule only gets crazier!

Between drop offs, pick ups, homework, projects, soccer, volleyball and volunteering in the class room, most of my free time is spent folding laundry, stocking up on juice boxes, or trying to fit in a quick phone call with my mom in the pick up line before my van is filled with chit-chatty boys.

Despite all of this chaos (that I love!) having dinner on the table is still a priority for me. During these busy days dinner happens one of three ways: I’ll put together a quick pasta dish in the afternoon and reheat it when we are ready to eat that evening, I’ll have Ryan bring home take out, or I’ll throw something into my crockpot in the morning. Out of the three, crockpot dinner nights are our favorite!

These slightly spicy, smoky chipotle chicken tacos have been in heavy rotation around here since school has started. These simple tacos are delicious with a few fun toppings, and go well with an end-of-a-crazy-day beer or glass of wine!

This summer has been the best summer ever.

Keep in mind I say that after every summer break, but I’m serious this time! It was perfect.

Perfect summers do not necessarily include big fancy tropical getaways or tons of scheduled activities. While all of that stuff is pretty great, my idea of a perfect summer includes lots of frozen yogurt, weekend bbq’s with friends, and a few fun road trips. Allowing yourself to relax and slow down makes these simple summer pleasures that much more memorable and enjoyable.

Before we jump head first into the next busy school/soccer/holiday season, we decided to take our boys on one last getaway to San Francisco. While I’m a country girl at heart, I always enjoy the busyness of the city for a few days. We ate, we rode a street car, we stayed up late, we shopped. More importantly we were together and that is always my favorite part of any trip we take. I am always thankful for these fun getaways together, but nothing beats a deliciously slow, popsicle filled summer day!