Monthly Archives: June 2013

You are never too old to hop out of bed, skip your routine cup of coffee, and board a shuttle full of excited/sleepy parents and kids.

You are never too old to run down Main Street, rush into Tomorrow Land, and zip onto Space Mountain before the line gets too long.

You are never too old to enjoy a corn dog from the Corn Dog Castle, fried chicken from The Plaza Inn, bbq ribs from Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, and a giant ice-cream sunday from Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co. Don’t forget the popcorn, a giant pickle, a tall glass of lemon aid, and a few antacids to wash it all down with!

You are never too old to get excited when you finally see Mickey Mouse, stand in line to give Goofy a hug, or take your turn to defeat Darth Vader in your impromptu Jedi padawan training.

You are never too old to be dazzled by fireworks while eating a muti-colored lollipop, surrounded by a crowd of children and children at heart.

You are never too old to fall in love with Disneyland all over again.

My boys are finally wrapping up their school year and I don’t know who’s more excited for summer vacation, them or I!

Have you ever noticed that summer vacations tend to take on a theme? One year we were all about the pool at the gym. By the end of that summer my three older boys were professional swimmers and I was an expert at packing a stroller with a toddler, towels, lunch and pool toys! The summer after that we explored Northern California. We rented an RV for a week, spent every other weekend on a different beach and had a wonderful time exploring our beautiful state.

This year our summer theme has been set early after a crazy Memorial day filled with three BBQ’s back to back. I have a feeling this vacation will be filled with a lot of charcoal, burgers, hotdogs, ketchup, and potato salad! But what if a person doesn’t eat hamburgers or hot dogs?  Is he or she doomed to a season full of filling their plate with side dishes, and chips as everyone else sinks their teeth into a perfectly grilled main dish?! No way! I gotcha covered with this honey, dijon chicken breast sandwich. I came up with this alternative to grilled red meat or pork after I volunteered to host a BBQ where none of the guest ate hamburgers or hotdogs. True story. Thankfully these chicken sandwiches grilled up beautifully and deliciously filled the void of hotdogs and hamburgers for Ryan and I!

Ahhhhhhh, summer vacation! We are so happy that you are finally here!

Let’s talk about the difference between opportunities and obligations.

An opportunity is a chance you are either given or take in order to accomplish something. Opportunities are usually pretty exciting because of the possibilities they can create. For example: If the opportunity to have lunch with a stranger arises, take it! Especially if that stranger is a person that you’ve been wanting to get to know better. Chances are you’ll leave that lunch totally inspired by her (or his) story, and excited to have made a new friend. Mission accomplished if you ask me!

An obligation on the other hand, is something you have to do. Obligations are not nearly as fun as opportunities, and more often than not they are kind-of a bummer. Example: Sometimes eating vegetables can feel like an obligation, especially when all I want want to eat is ice-cream!

Here is the funny thing about obligations, with a little imagination they can almost always be turned into opportunities! Example: I want my kids to eat fresh vegetables everyday. Some days this feels like a huge struggle (obligation), as some of boys will happily eat their veggies and some of them will not. On the flip side all of them love to eat popsicles. So what if I crammed as much spinach as I can into a smoothie, and then make that smoothie into a popsicle?!

Is it me, or do the best opportunities usually start out as the worst obligations?