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The older I get the more health conscience I become.

The more health conscience I become the more intolerant my taste buds (and stomach!) become of anything artificial or fake.

The more intolerant my taste buds become, the more time I take to read the ingredients of the food my family and I eat.

The more educated I become on what is in our food, the more disappointed I become when I see unhealthy ingredients in so-called health foods.

The more frustrated I become with what food labels tell me, the more I start to make my own snacks, sauces, dressings, and juices.

The more I take my (and my family’s) food and nutrition into my own hands, the happier and healthier we are.

And what more do I need when the people I love are happy and healthy?

Apr 23

Funnel Cake

My experience competing in the Mrs. California pageant was nothing short of amazing.

No I did not win the crown, Miss Congeniality, or even best gown. Not to take away from any of those accomplishments, (or the amazing women that did win!) what I chose to walk away with has been more valuable to me than any title or sash.

First there is the bond we contestants created during the three full days of rehearsals, photo ops, and backstage pep talks. Opposite of what you see on pageant reality shows these women were encouraging, kind, helpful, and prayerful. It was a lot like summer camp, but instead of hiking boots and bug spray we wore high heels and spray tanner!

Then there is the memory of my family cheering me on all weekend long. Thanks to my sweet husband and boys I was fed, emotionally stable, and felt like a million dollars every time I walked on stage. I love cheering my family on with all of their endeavors, but along the way I had forgotten that I also need that kind of support from my family and friends. This was not an adventure that I could have braved on my own. Because I let my guard down and accepted help I was reminded that I am deserving of that kind of attention and support. Hearing my boys cheer me on is a sound that I will treasure for life.

Lastly, because of this pageant something inside of me has come alive and I have no choice but to be obedient to what has been uncovered. Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t. All I can say is that I feel as if I have finally found my light and now all I need to do is learn how to shine.

This funnel cake is dedicated to all of the sweet and hardworking women I met a few weekends ago. I hope you have been enjoying your post pageant pig outs we all talked, dreamed and drooled about! I know I have!!

Later this week (on Saturday to be exact) I’ll be competing along with 17 other awesome ladies for the title of Mrs. California United States.

What exactly does this mean? Well, for the past two months I’ve been working on my platform (Real Food for Families) and have been talking to local organizations that encourage families and children to have a diet full of wholesome foods. There has also been a little bit of shopping (shoes!!) and of course I’ve had to invested a bit more time in at the gym. Bathing suit, stage, bright lights, YIKES!!

And on that note I’ve also decided to really button up my diet these past few weeks. I wouldn’t call it a diet, a cleanse, or a fast. I’m not a big fan of any of that and because I’ve been working so hard physically I knew that my body was going to need the proper nutrition in order to keep up. Instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t be eating, I decided to focus on what I should be eating. Lean meats? Yes! Complex carbs and whole grains? Please! Fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, TONS of water, and healthy fats? Keep em’ coming! After filling my fridge and pantry with so much good stuff I didn’t have room (or time) for any refined sugar, processed fast food, soda, or even my beloved red wine. I’m not going to lie, I’ve really missed having a glass of wine with dinner! Luckily the huge reward of knowing that I’ve done everything I could to be able to put my best foot forward this weekend has been worth the small sacrifice. Also whether they like it or not, my family has benefited from all of this healthy eating! This baked sweet potato filled with fajita seasoned chicken breast and seared veggies was one of my more creative, clean and delicious meals. My boys were able to top their potatoes with cheese or sour cream, while I stayed strict with salsa and avocado.

All of this hard work comes to an end this weekend as I place myself in the hands of the judges. Whatever the outcome, the journey in itself has been incredible!

There is nothing like a long conversation with a good friend to help give me a fresh perspetive on things and to also aid in clearing any writers block I sometimes struggle with.

There is nothing like the fast approaching summer/bathing suit weather to help motivate my sometimes sluggish efforts at the gym. Thankfully Christmas and all of it’s comforting dishes (and sweaters!) will also be here before we know it!

There is nothing like a bright Spring season full of fresh new veggies and sunshine to help pull me out of a super frustrating cooking rut. Yes, I also go through times when I feel like I am cooking the same thing for dinner every night. Roasted chicken, pasta, soup, ect. And if I’m sick of cooking the same ol’ things, I know my family is sick of eating them! Thankfully it only took a few bundles of tender early asparagus to save my family from one more night of uninspired cooking! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it at first, but I knew the end result was going to be awesome.

As promised this asparagus and sausage risotto is just that, deliciously awesome!