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I’m just going to tell it like it is and let you know that there is nothing new or exciting about this banana bread recipe. While it is an incredibly moist, delicious, dark chocolate filled loaf of banana bread, it is not anything that you haven’t seen at least one million times before. I know what your thinking, “So if this banana bread isn’t some kind of kooky, super healthy, low calorie, apple sauce and blueberry version why are you insisting on telling me about it?”

I’ll tell you why. This banana bread, like all run of the mill banana breads, was the perfect vehicle on which to slather the most amazing, unique, game changing, peanut butter glaze on.

This glaze and this glaze alone is what makes this particular loaf of banana goodness worth taking a second look at in a world filled to the brim with awesome banana bread recipes.

I really hope your impression of me isn’t that of a type-A, high strung, perfectionist, in danger of a heart attack kind of girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of personality of course! I would just prefer to be known as a type-B gal (easy going, reflective, totally into daily naps) with a few type-A tendencies sprinkled in here and there.

Sure you’ll find my husband and I at the gym early on a Saturday morning. But just know that it was a major struggle for me to get out of bed, and if it weren’t for Ryan bringing me coffee and making me (and the boys) breakfast I would probably still be in bed.

Yes, I love having an incredibly tidy house. Our laundry is always folded, the dishes are promptly put away and the boys things are neatly tucked into their rooms. But please understand that a long time ago (about 2 kids ago) I realized that if I didn’t keep on top of housework everyday (yes, even on my birthday) that it would soon be on top of us. As much as I love indulging in one of those afternoon naps I also love having clean sheets to snuggle up in.

You will NEVER find canned biscuits in my fridge. It’s not that I’m super crazy about making everything from scratch, it’s just that homemade biscuits are too darn easy to make! I know what you’re thinking, flour all over the counter, the rolling, the cutting, UGHHH! But let me tell you, I don’t do any of that either. Instead I’m all about the drop biscuits. No rolling, no mess, just simply dropping the dough onto a cookie sheet and baking. Bonus, you can totally add cheese and herbs to your biscuits to make them that much better than the pre-packaged ones.

If you’re a mostly type-B with a just a dash of type-A kind of person, I know you’ll love these easy, deliciously homemade biscuits too!

I’m going to make this soup as simple as I can for you.

Not because I think that you don’t know how to cook, but because I’m guessing that cooking complicated dishes just isn’t on your radar right now.

I have a feeling that getting organized and eating healthy is what you’re into at the moment, because that’s totally what I’m into right now. Oh ya, and naps! I’m always into taking naps.

A holiday season full of cooking, baking, braising, basting and eating waaaay too much pie always leaves me craving simplicity and spinach. This lovely, vegetarian soup provides me with both and it couldn’t be any easier to throw together.

That way we can quickly get back to all of our organizing. And our naps, can’t forget those naps!

Remember when you thought that people in their 30′s were soooo old? Maybe you still think that, and if that’s the case boy are you in for a surprise!

This week (on the 10th to be exact) I’ll be heading out of my early 30′s and into my mid 30′s (34 to be exact). No, I am not the kind of girl that dreads turning another year older. In fact I welcome it. The slight wrinkling around my eyes, the realization that the music I  listened to in high school is now considered to be “retro”, the lesson learned with each passing year; I love it all!

Besides nobody wants to go out to dinner and celebrate with a crying birthday girl!

So what’s on my birthday agenda this year? Well for starters I got my eyebrows done and considering the fact that I haven’t had them waxed in over 5 years, it was kind of a big deal! I’ll thoroughly enjoy the birthday phone calls from my family and of course my sweet husband will take me (and our closest friends) out to dinner that night.

I also decided that I wanted to do my first giveaway as a thank you for all of the encouraging and wonderful comments (and emails) you have given to me. I put together a few of my most used and loved kitchen items. I’m sure if you don’t already love them you will soon! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what birthday has been your favorite so far and why. The winner of this birthday loot will be randomly selected and announced  this Friday (January 11th)!!

I have a feeling that 34 might be my the best one yet.