Monthly Archives: November 2012

Almost a year ago a childhood friend of mine gave the editor at Sacramento Parent magazine my name and contact info in response to a question she had asked on Facebook. The editor at the time wanted to know if there was anyone out there that would like to submit a recipe to the magazine for mother’s day and my friend thought of me! Soon after that I was emailed and asked if I was interested in putting together a piece for them. Of course my immediate thought was “Yes!!!” My second thought was “Wait….No. Who the heck do I think I am ?! A magazine?? I don’t write for magazines, I’m a blogger and a small time one at that.”

I am so thankful that I told my second thought to go pound sand. I am also super grateful to my friend for giving the editor my name, and I can not thank that editor and the magazine enough for giving me a chance (and for not laughing at me.) Since that mother’s day recipe I have whipped up a Skillet Apple Crisp, and a Roasted Butternut Squash & Cauliflower Soup, just to name a few of the almost dozen dishes I’ve created for them.

What did I have up my sleeve for them this month? These pretty, chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside Molasses Spice Cutouts. My family fell in love with these spicy, full of holiday cheer cookies the minute they popped out of the oven. And I’m thinking a certain man in a jolly red suit will love them too!

I have never been a let’s-get-up-super-early-and-go-manic-shopping-on-black-Friday kind of girl.

However, I have been a let’s-sleep-in-stay-in-our-pj’s-and-make-pasta-for-brunch kind of gal.

Both options can sound a bit strange.

Seriously, who wants to walk into a mall at 5 am when they could be enjoying a quiet morning at home snuggled under the covers? Hard core Christmas shoppers do, that’s who! I’ll admit that I do get a bit envious when I hear about all of the awesome deals these brave souls were rewarded with for being such early birds. Still, I don’t think I could ever pull myself out of my deep, day after Thanksgiving slumber when I know that cyber Monday is just around the corner.

Pasta for brunch? I know what you’re thinking, sounds a little off but I promise one bite of this cauliflower, bacon and caramelized onion pasta will make you think otherwise. It’s a little different from the usual breakfast potatoes with eggs and after a day full of super rich food the simplicity of this dish will be a welcomed change.

So go ahead and pick your crazy, shopping at sunrise or pasta before noon!

Sometimes I need to remind myself of my limits despite how much I think I want to sign up for something.

While I love having all four of our boys on four separate soccer teams (love?) I know that I am simply unable to volunteer to be the soccer mom for any of their teams. Do I feel kinda lame when I look away as the coach cheerfully begs for a volunteer at the beginning of the season? Of course I do! But I know that I would feel even worse if the trophies never got ordered at the end of the season because it had slipped mind due to the million other things I have going on. Instead I am happy to be an awesome snack mom when my turn rolls around and to also respond to all the the team mom’s emails in a timely fashion.

As much as I would love (yes, love!) to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal for my family and friends, I know that I am simply unable to do such a crazy thing. Instead I’ll focus on the items that are super important to me; the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and yams. I’ll then put my husband in charge of the appetizers and I’ve been told that my friend Patti can whip up a mean green bean casserole. Our dinner rolls will be bought from the grocery store, the decorations will be minimal and the napkins will be paper. As far as dessert goes my other girlfriend Michelle is an incredibly talented baker so I know she’ll come up with a beautiful chocolate concoction. I’ll also grab a few apple pies from Newcastle Produce and maybe even whip up this almost no bake pumpkin pie. The only baking required for this pie will be the ten minutes for the graham cracker crust and after that we are simply layering a creamy pumpkin filling under a fluffy whipped cream.

Here’s to a stress-free, under-committed, totally enjoyable, I-think-I’m-going-to-take-a-quick-nap, kind of Thanksgiving!

For the last four years right after Halloween and just before Thanksgiving the team over at ground(ctrl) packs up their anvil cases and heads on over to Austin, Texas to man the box office and merch booth at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. But long before any of us are able to fly over and bite into our first frito pie the GC team has been hard at work making sure every festival goers experience will be nothing but the best. After all of the meetings and late nights back at the office we proudly wear our ticketing staff t-shirt all weekend long and come face to face with the 55 thousand fans that are just as excited to be at the festival as we are.

But it’s not all work and no fun! There are plenty of late nights at the Mohawk and early morning sound checks at the park. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Franks hotdogs (thanks again for the voucher!!) and we’ll always find time to sing happy birthday to Eddie who’s birthday lands on the festival weekend.

To me a weekend like this is what ground(ctrl) is all about. Coming together as a team and bringing the fans as close as they can to their beloved bands.