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I am not the biggest fan of scary movies. I don’t like jumping out of my seat in fear, or feeling frustrated with a character because she obviously should not be walking in the woods, alone at night. I mean really, hasn’t she seen enough scary movies to know that a person should never, EVER be alone at night? Jeez!

I really don’t like scary costumes either. Zombies with blood dripping out of their mouths, killer clowns, the guy from scream… Ughhh! No thank you! While we’re on the subject of costumes I am not into the whole sexy costume thing either. Ladies, we are just too smart and creative to be dressing up like sexy nurses or hamburgers, right? There are a million wonderful people or things to dress up as, and there is just no reason to turn these people or things into slutty people or things.

It kinda sounds like I’m hatin’ on Halloween huh? I promise I’m not. In fact I love Halloween! The parties, dressing up, the four huge bags of candy that my boys will collect after a night of trick-or-treating that Ryan and I will pillage from for the rest of the year. The amount of candy that sits in our pantry after Halloween is down right crazy and I’m guessing the boys won’t miss a few candy bars so that I can make this Halloween candy caramel corn again! The traditional caramel corn recipe is pretty amazing, but a few Kit Kat’s and some candy corn mixed into it really makes it something special.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween. I hope your kiddos come home with more candy than they know what to do with and I hope you do not dress up like a sexy milkshake.

After 13 1/2 years of marriage I assumed that I knew everything about my husband Ryan.

I know that he does not like root beer or peanut butter cookies. I also know that he loves his Grandparents, is not afraid to kiss his boys in public and loves the idea of oysters. Just the idea of them, not the actual eating part. What I didn’t know and just recently found out was that Ryan loves baked goods made with pumpkin. How did this small (but important) fact slip by me? How did I not translate his passion for pumpkin pie into his fondness for pumpkin scones and muffins? Was he trying to keep it from me? Was he worried that I would exploit his pumpkin loving taste buds and bombarded them with pumpkin this and pumpkin that?

Or did it just never come up and now it’s up to me to make up for all of the years that I haven’t baked with pumpkin. I figured that the best place to start is at the beginning with breakfast and these pumpkin pancakes were the perfect introduction to our new pumpkin filled lives!

I’m hoping I don’t over do this whole pumpkin thing, but I have a feeling I just might…

It has recently come to my attention that this food blog of mine has given me a bit of a bad reputation among my healthy friends. I guess all of my talk about heavy cream and fried chicken has people wondering if I’m trying to follow in Paula Dean’s footsteps. While I do appreciate both butter and bacon, it is a treat when our meals include either. But I wouldn’t consider myself an over the top let’s-put-kale-in-everything-I-only-eat-organic type of gal either. I like to think of myself as a in the middle, leaning towards more on the healthy side, if-I want-junk-food-I’ll-make-it-myself kind of cook. My main object here has never been about encouraging you to eat more wheat germ or even to eat more bacon. The only thing I’m interested in is inspiring you to cook for the people you love, and by the looks of things topping food with big handfuls of parmesan cheese must be what I considering to be inspiring!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, can I talk to you about farro? What the heck is it you ask? First of all it’s a grain and second of all it tastes a lot better than it sounds. It’s naturally nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture will totally fill you up at dinner time, but not in a guilty-I-better-not-have-that-brownie-for-dessert kind of full. I threw a cup of it (along with a few others things) into a pot of soup I was making and my family went bonkers for it. No joke, they even went back for seconds!

My final food opinion, know the difference between delicious food that makes you feel great and good tasting food that makes you feel gross.

Personally I think it’s downright silly when people start talking about Thanksgiving before Halloween has even had a chance to get here. You’ll never catch me talking turkey when it’s pumpkin patches and costumes I should be discussing. I don’t even think about Thanksgiving side dishes until I’ve heard the last trick-or-treat for year, unless…

Unless I’ve recently had the most incredible coconut mashed potatoes for dinner and I just can’t wait until November to tell you about them. Being a big fan of the classic yukon gold, butter, and milk blend it’s hard for me to imagine putting anything but that on our Thanksgiving table. That is until I sunk my teeth into these sweeter, slightly exotic taters. Ya, they’re that good.

I promise I’ll get with the program soon and we can talk about spooky milkshakes and scary deviled eggs!

How do you  like to prepare for fall after a long and hot summer?

My mom likes to replenish her supply of thick, cozy socks and will also exchange her light cotton bed sheets to her warmer flannel ones. My dapper husband will start shopping online for new sweaters, jackets and shoes. Nobody, and I mean nobody loves putting together a new fall wardrobe (starting with the shoes!) more than Ryan does!

I also enjoy feathering our nest with warmer blankets and finding a new favorite pair of boots to zip over my jeans, but what I truly look forward to when the weather cools down is roasting, braising and caramelizing our dinners at night! After a summer full of salads and watermelon I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to crank up my oven and warm our home with heartier fair. Instead of wondering what scarf will go with what sweater I turn my attention as to what early fall produce will pair with what herb, and lately fresh figs have had my undivided attention! So far my boys and I have enjoyed them as an after school snack and I have incorporated them into a cheese plater for a baby shower. I’ve also spread a bit of goat cheese on them for a decant after dinner snack and just when a normal person would start to get sick of figs I decided to add a few to a classic roasted chicken recipe I save for chilly fall evenings. The result? A quick, gorgeous chicken dish made even sweeter with this season’s latest fruit.

Now that dinner is done I think I’ll go ahead and look for those new fall boots