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Honesty is always the best policy, don’t you think? Unless of course it’s only hurting someone else’s feelings, then maybe you should keep that honesty to yourself.

I know that in the past I’ve gone on and on about how much I love summer and that I’m always so bummed to see it go. But for whatever reason I’m really looking forward to fall this year and quite honestly I’m getting a little sick of this summer’s heat.

In my 20′s I wouldn’t have been caught dead in ballet flats or tennis shoes. I was a die hard 3 1/2 inch (or higher!) high heel girl, even when I was nine months pregnant and working on my feet all day. Now, after years of torturing my poor feet I honestly can’t stand to wear high heels for too long. I’ll wear them if that’s what an occasion or outfit requires, but really I would much rather be sporting a comfy pair of moccasins or flip flops.

Can I be completely honest and tell you that this little blog has saved me and continues to almost daily. I am beyond grateful for the motivation you give me to write about and photograph what goes on in my humble kitchen. I have no idea or plan as to where all of this will take me but I sure am enjoying the ride!

If your on a diet this artichoke and spinach dip pasta is honestly not for you! I whipped this dish up a few weeks ago to bring to a dear friend of mine who just had her first baby. She and her husband are both vegetarians so I needed to come up with a decadent but bacon free meal for them to enjoy. I think this super creamy, baked veggie pasta did the trick! Bonus for me, while my friends were eating I got to hold their newborn daughter who is honestly the sweetest little gal I have met in quite sometime.

Aug 19

Pizza Bagels

The end of summer vacation has got be my least favorite time of year. Our lazy, sunny days have been taken over by drop off’s, pick up’s, school lunch, and everybody’s favorite, homework. You would think that a mother with four children would be delighted to wave goodbye to her kids as they leave for school each morning, but not me. I kind of hate it. I know what your going to say “Well if you love hanging out with your kids so much why don’t you just homeschool them?” I tried that for a few years when the boys were younger and for whatever reason it just didn’t work out for us. I wasn’t very good at keeping a schedule and when we did hit the books I wasn’t very creative and I had a hard time with making learning fun. That’s ok, because thankfully my boys ended up loving school and I was able to figure out what I was good at.

I’m really good at getting them ready and excited for a new school year. I love helping them pick out new school supplies and talking to them about what Pre K,  2nd, 5th, and 6th grade will mean for them. Speaking of 6th grade, I’m also pretty good at teaching my oldest son how to dance with a girl when the time comes for him to go to his first school dance! No, I can not believe that school dances are about to happen for him. Don’t even get me started, I’ll only end up crying! But what I’m really good at is listening to them talk about their day when I finally get to pick them up from school! It’s one of my favorite things and I just love listening to what happened in their day while they were out of our up nest. Of course they are always starving after school so if I want to hear about what went down on the playground I’d better put a really good snack in front of them! These fun, simple pizza bagels toast quickly under the broiler and always bring everybody to the table. They are also easy to taylor to everyones taste! Not a big fan of tomatoes? No prob, I can leave them off.

While I am looking forward to a few (precious) hours to myself during the week, I never look forward to saying goodbye to another quickly vanishing summer with my boys.

As far as sloppy teenagers go I was one of the worst. Back then I probably attended to my laundry basket maybe once a month. Of course once the clothes emerged clean out of the dryer, back on my bedroom floor into a crumpled heap they went! It wasn’t a shock to find a half eaten bowl of mac and cheese collecting dust under my bed along with who knows what else under there. Don’t even get me started on the state of my high school locker or backpack! Gross!

Yup, I was pretty bad but like most messy teenagers as soon as I moved out I started to take care of the things that were mine. Maybe it was because I knew nobody else would do it for me, or maybe it was because I didn’t have a ton of stuff to take care of. Whatever the reason cleaning a bathroom and moping a floor quickly became very familiar chores to me. I’m sure my parents were perplexed and relieved to watch their daughter evolve from a slob into somewhat of a neat freak. It’s true, I can’t stand a mess now. Messes equal work and it’s hard for me to think straight if my home is even slightly disorganized.

But sometimes in order for something to be done right a mess has to be made.

Take these sloppy Joe’s for example. They’re easy enough to make but eating them is an entirely different story!  A toasted bun pilled high with savory, saucy ground turkey. A bit of melted cheddar cheese and chips on the side, there is no way some of this sandwich won’t end up on your face!

Sloppy is exactly what this meal needs to be. Messes are what happen when life is lived to the fullest.