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For the record I am the furthest person from becoming a vegetarian.

I adore crispy, crunchy bacon.

If I’m eating out and there is a steak on the menu, I’ll order it. Medium rare please.

I could eat fried chicken every. single. day. Which is exactly why we don’t own a fryer.

Head cheese, I tried it. Not really my thing, but I did think it was kind of interesting.

Ham and sausage, what would an omelet be without either of these lovely contributions?!

Without question I am a carnivore. But every once in a while I’ll come up with a vegetarian dish that is so good it’ll make me wonder if I could switch over to the dark side. Could I do without the wonderful gravy a cup of wine and the drippings from a perfectly roasted chicken make? Would my afternoon salad be just as good without the addition of a bit of thinly sliced salami? I might be able to trade my hamburgers in for veggie burgers. But most of all I question if I could eat Fakon instead of bacon and think “Ya, this stuff is great”!

Then I come to my senses and wonder if it’s too late to add some sort of meat to this vegetarian dish.

Two of my hardworking, green thumbed girlfriends are currently enjoying the bounties of their summer gardens. Shannon jumped into gardening head first last year and this is her second summer planning and planting her pretty front yard beds. Then there is my sister-in-law LeeAnn, who is becoming an expert at starting her garden with seeds from last years harvest. Both girls have put a lot of love, patience and time into their patches of earth. Because of their hard work they are both basking in the reward of a job well done, and are also enjoying the bragging rights one gets when she has a tomato plant full of ripe, delicious fruit! What’s going on in the beautiful garden beds Ryan made me for mothers day last year? Not a whole lot, but I have a good reason! When I was finally tired of feeling guilty about growing nothing but crab grass, Ryan and I decided to weed and replant. A few minutes into weeding my first bed I stumbled across a hornets nest! Who knew hornets could build their nest in an untouched garden bed?! A jump in the pool, eight stings and a (over dramatic) call to 911 later I decided once and for all that gardening is just not for me!

Want to know what else did I learned from those unkempt garden beds?

They made me realize that while you reap what you sow, you also reap what you don’t sow. They made me think of all of the other things that I’ve slowly neglected in my life, and I wondered how many season’s of bounty I’ve missed out on. Thankfully it’s never too late to pick up a shovel (or a phone, or a pen, or a spatula) and dig into what has been ignored for so long.

This crispy zucchini pasta is in honor of everyone that has worked so hard on their own backyard gardens this year. While I had to purchase my produce at the grocery store, you’ll be able to proudly tell your family that the veggies for this dish came straight out of your  garden! Personally I’m quite alright buying my zucchini but who knows, maybe I’ll give gardening another shot next year!


Jul 16

Kauai 2012

Every night I look forward to tucking my boys into bed so that Ryan and I might have a few hours alone together before we drift off to sleep ourselves. A few times a month I’ll call a sitter, order a pizza, put on some red lipstick and enjoy a night on the town with my husband. If we’re lucky our friends can also slip away for the night and the four of us can relax, laugh and savor a meal together. Once in a great while (and by great while I mean maybe once a year) the two of us are able to hop on a plane together, and whisk each other away from our everyday lives. Yes, these incredibly special trips take a bit of planning, asking for help, and missing the boys while we are away but they are always worth it in the end. Whether it’s for a few hours or a few days, Ryan and I are discovering that the longer we’re married the more important this kind of quality time together is.

This getaway to Kauai was no different and by far our most relaxing, romantic and slightly adventurous trip to date. We spent our mornings by the pool, our afternoons on the beach and our evenings at a candle lit table set for two. In those five days we also both overcame a fear (mine was scuba diving) and were reminded that we are truly each others best friend. Back at home we were excited to reunite with our boys but we were also thankful to have had the time to reunite ourselves.

I get my haircut about twice a year, and sometimes I’ll squeeze in a third one if I have a special occasion coming up. Pathetic I know. When I do finally get around to trimming my ends I always promise my understanding hairdresser that I’ll see her in six weeks and I properly scold myself for waiting so long.

At my last hair appointment, Cassie (my super cute, super hip hairdresser) and I were chatting about our kids. We were comparing notes on the stress’s of having a kid involved in soccer, baseball, or any other organized sport. The practices, the volunteer time, the weekends spent at the field, not to mention the cost of it all!! Of course it’s all worth it. We both grew up playing sports and we wanted our kids to enjoy these same privallages as well. Thinking of the sacrifices we are starting to make for our kids made us thankful for the years of sacrifices our parents made for us to play sports. Cassie and I then decided we should call our parents and thank them for all of the snacks, cheers, practices and uniforms they loving gave us.

So thank you mom and dad for the countless hours you spent on and off the field encouraging me to do my best. Thank you for shouting from the side lines even though I was totally embarrassed by it and thank you for continuing to do this for my boys. Even if that means taking them to their swim meets that start at 6:30 in morning!

While we are on the subject of heartfelt thank you’s, thank you mom and dad for watching our boys while we dash off to Hawaii for a few days! I am beyond grateful and excited for this bit of time away with my husband. So much in fact that I even got my hair trimmed for it.

See you in week, until then Aloha!