Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hey mom! Can I invite my best friends over to spend the night?

Can you make us a bunch of fun snacks to eat and can we drink as much soda as we want?

Can I show them my bike, my bunny, my bed and all of my brothers?

Can we play lazer tag, freeze tag, flash light tag and maybe even regular ol’ tag?

Can we watch movies, play video games and eat candy all night?

In the morning will you make us pancakes for breakfast and then help us roll up our sleeping bags and find all of our missing socks?

Mom, this year for my birthday can I please have a slumber party? Pleeeeeeease!?!?

Just as it’s important to take care of the people you love it’s also important to let those same people take care of you when you need them to.

I’ve discovered that it’s important for me to take time to run, kick-box or Zumba away any unwanted stress and anxiety. I’ve also found it’s really important to blow off the gym every once in a while and instead use that time to take a long, hot quiet bath.

I think it’s important to have plans, goals and dreams. I also think it’s important to sometimes forget all of that for a bit and allow a day to take you where it wants to go. Who knows where you’ll end up and how exciting is that!?

Because I usually hit the ground running in the morning I find it to be very, very important that I try my hardest to get 8 hours of sleep every night. I recently had a night out with a couple of my favorite girlfriends and the three of us talked, ate and completely threw our usual bed times out the window that evening. Staying up that night until 5 am to laugh louder than our neighbors would have liked while enjoying a few Tom Collins, bean dip, Fritos and a handful of Oreo’s proved to be more important than hitting the hay at a more reasonable hour. I woke up exhausted the next day but thanks to my friends I was completely revived mentally and more ready to take on the week ahead than if  I would have had a weekend full of rest.

Thank you to my girlfriends for such a wonderful night out. The only thing that I would change about that evening was the bean dip we ate. I wish I could have made this bean dip instead of us eating the kind that comes out of a can. Not that there is anything wrong with that kind of dip! Along with the rest of the silliness of that night it helped to remind me what it feels like to be a kid again and also how great Fritos with bean dip taste!

About this time last year I was going back and forth on whether or not to write this food blog. On one hand I loved the idea of sharing my recipes and stories with my friends but on the other hand I kept reminding myself that I am not really a writer, a chef, or a photographer. What the heck do I know about anything?! I’m just a housewife who is also a retired hairdresser of ten years, with four kids, and a big bulldog that loves to scare the heck out of the poor UPS guy. After a lot of thinking and with a ton of encouragement from my husband I nervously decided to press publish and share what I had been keeping to myself for quite some time.

Thank you for allowing me to find my voice, for encouraging me to write and for helping me to uncover my art. Thank you for putting up with my sometimes awkward food photography, for letting me know when I’ve misspelled words and for reminding me to let you know how many people a particular dish will serve. Thank you for helping me create this wonderful place and I hope we’ll get to hang out here together for a really (really) long time.

Also around this time last year we were celebrating Jude’s birthday, kinda like we do every year. Of course all of my boy’s birthday’s are special but Jude’s is an especially fun one for me. With two summer birthdays and one that sometimes lands on Thanksgiving I love Jude’s because his is the only birthday that allows me to bring something yummy into his classroom to share! We like to come up with these treats together and last year we created a tripple chocolate frosted, sprinkled cookie which also became one of my first post’s. We were excited to get back to our cookie drawing board this year until I remembered that parents are not suppose to bring in sweets for birthdays. Kind of a bummer I know but no biggie, I ended up throwing together some fresh fruit kabobs (we’ll talk about those later!) and to the rest of my families’ delight kept the cookies at home. We decided to go the traditional chocolate chip cookie route but with a few delicious twist. Instead of using room temperature butter we opted to brown ours (that’s right, browned butter) and we also added some toffee chips to help give this cookie a little more crunch.

Happy birthday to my handsome boy Jude. I can still remember holding you when you were a just a few hours old and absolutely knowing you were going to grow up to be a wonderful and compassionate man. Happy first birthday to this blog and thank you again for allowing me to share. I am grateful everyday for the constant inspiration and joy it has brought me.

A few weeks ago my boys and I had a not so great day that thankfully ended with us enjoying a super great sandwich. While sinking my teeth into that sandwich I reminded myself to breath, to take this sometimes crazy life one day at a time and to take a picture of this meal so I would’t forget what was in it. I thanked God for such a delicious and peaceful moment, washed the last bite down with some strawberry lemon-aid and watched my boys play tag in the late afternoon sun before piling back into the car to head home.

We’re doing alright and everyday my family grows a little stronger. We are slowly discovering what we are really made of and I am learning that sometimes ( and unfortunately) it’s necessary to sacrifice personal comfort in order to get to the place you truly want to be. I am also seeing that out of a series of not so wonderful events really good things can still come from it. Family’s can reconnect, good friends can become great friends and amazing sandwiches filled with cured Italian meats and roasted bell peppers can be stumbled upon.

Every rain cloud has a silver lining and I’m thankful that on that particularly awful day our silver lining was made of salami.